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Indian Led Lighting industry is booming and is expected to reach the height of INr 20k Cr By year 2020.Infact,due to certain key feature of led lighting,and it;s energy saving capability,led lighting are only option and is going to replace all traditional lighting sources like Bulbs,cfl etc.

The overall size of energy efficiency Indian market is estimated to be Rs. 74,000 crores. Till now, only 5% of this market has been tapped

No doubt that indian led lighting industry potentials are playing role of  bug attracting lighting source for led lighting players and this is reason why glocal (Global+Local),Traditional & Nontraditional players from different industry are rubbing their muscle to incash led lighting industry potentials.

But…………it has been observed that whatever forecasted potentials was expected and players invested to capture market,results are not coming back.

The best example is DELP Programme run by govt of india in which For domestic use led Bulb was offered @ INR 10.But the results from domestic side is not that much welcoming.


The Above screen shot clearly shows that led bulbs distributed Via DELP PROGRAMME is still need to accelerate.All the above figure is especially from industrial / govt tendering sectors.Domestic side demand is still in droment phase.Please be informed that approx 80 Cr incandescent bulbs and 27 million Street Lights are there in India.In this way,the above figures of  DELP is just a peanuts for Indian Market.

The Above Figures are both for DELP & Street Light National Programme (SLNP)

The big question arise that even after lots of investment in media / consumer awareness etc from both government & private sectors, why consumer is not activating and accepting to replace their traditional bulbs by led ?

Is there any major fault on corporate side ?Are their planning,strategy are not enough capable  to attract consumers ? Why the response in retail market & Consumer is so slow …….or any other………

                                       Everyone is trying to find answer of above puzzle ………………..

We  at the consultants are pioneer & one of early player in field of Led Lighting Strategic Business Consulting services.

we Understand That same data about indian led market or led lighting industry is available for all led lighting players even investment vs performance vs return is not satisfactory.


For the same purpose to support, we have developed Strategic Training programmes for Emerging / New Players / SME / Corporates From Led Lighting Industry.

Our Training sessions are not focused on merely data crunching and calculations or just merely success story telling.

While training, entire session is focused on Following key intangible factors which plays important role to be successful in market ……..

(1) Nature Of Led Lighting Market & Led Lighting Products-

The never studied topic where we will discus the core basic nature of market nature,led lighting product nature so that  your decision makers may be aware about market reaction in present and in future.Here we will providing an entire led lighting industry micro and macro overview.No doubt players are from different field like Philips Led ,Havells,Bajaj Lighting etc are from traditional Lighting Industry, Syska Led Light from Mobile Industry, Samsung,Oppel etc are from outside countries,Wipro,Eveready led etc are from fmcg Industry and many more new will come from same or different Industry. It is clear that war field (Led Market) will be multi dimensional,complex by nature.

(2)Led Lighting Market Insight & Dynamics –

The one of most important and least understood / studied by researchers. Here we will interact about different complex situations of market dynamics for demand and how different forces acts over each other responsible for action reaction.

(3) Market Growth Process & Pattern:

Here we are educating to you the deep complex process that how demand growth process grow for led lighting  so that every employee should be clear to hunt,manage  and synchronize with potential sales.

(4) Market Management Process:

The most important fundamental to understand that how to manage market in fluctuating and uncertain situation especially when technology is changing,prices are going down,new players are coming from different field with their different unique USP & offering. In Totality,we will be sharpening the complex market management skills of your employees by understanding different market dynamics.

(5) Channel & Distribution, Strategic Promotions & Positioning:

How you or company should present itself & its brand in market and in front of consumer so that an unique image should be created.In this chapter we will be covering different types of potential possible channel to feed different section and consumer class of market.Market segmentation based on different parameters,different types of promotional activities delivering high results and some unique understanding will be shared.

Finally- a multilayer market penetration strategic understanding will be introduce  to manage launching to Growth to Market lead phase strategic challenges.

                                                  “Lead The Market With Leaders Of Market Strategies”

           Who Should Attend Training 

All decision makers,Investors,Emerging Led Lighting Market Players who want to introduced their led lighting Products in India. All Small Medium Players who have a zeal to lead the future led market.Also all sales and market employees of existing Led Lighting Firms.

  What Benefits Will Be Delivered

At the end of sessions One will be having clear cut understanding about..

Present & Future Behaviour of Led Lighting Market

Never heard dynamics of led lighting market

How led lighting market will react / reacting

Factors affecting success & Failure

Complete Vision & Mission to excell led lighting business

Market,Channel Partner,Distribution & Consumer Behaviour Understanding

Advance level micro dynamics of Led Lighting Industry to Manage risk Effectively.

Many More …………..

In Nutshell,a complete understanding of led lighting industry dynamics so that you can lead the market in future by managing risk involved.


                                           For An Appointment For Training 

                                    Call Mob +91-8587067685 ( Mr. A Kumar)



In Past we have conducted such programme for Hansa Led (UAE Based MNC,Tashi, etc etc on their request.

Led Training Programme-

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